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Why Experian?

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Why Experian
Why Experian
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Experian is a complete service provider and thanks to our leading edge technology, our expertise and our client focus we are the chosen strategic partner for hundreds of businesses in Asia Pacific. Here is what differentiates us from our competitors:

Our experience

We have over 20-years experience in different markets across the region. We have developed and implemented sophisticated decision support systems and marketing services for major verticals in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, S. Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. And we understand that every market has unique characteristics and every client its individual requirements.

Our solutions

Leading organisations around the world rely on Experian’s systems to help them make the right decision at each stage in the life cycle of their customers – from acquisition to customer relationship management. Experian is dedicated to global best practices and developing strategies that can significantly increase the profitability of our clients. We are committed to helping organisations address their challenges and delivering an innovative solution to suit their business needs.

Our delivery capability

Experian provides established software system technology with complete implementation and business consulting support. As a professional solutions provider, Experian has a formal structure of product development, implementation and support for our clients. Our software undergoes intensive in-house and beta-site testing prior to general market release. Because of our close relationship with large and demanding organisations we have formal agreements for joint development and testing of software solutions. Clients can therefore be assured of our proven solutions.

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