Marketing Services

Helping clients to find and retain customers

Marketing Services

Because Experian® owns and manages extensive databases that provide geographic, demographic, financial and lifestyle information on millions of consumers around the world, we are uniquely positioned to help companies acquire new business and develop better retention strategies to maximize existing relationships.

Experian provides its clients with considerable insight into purchasing preferences. We assist clients in planning and executing marketing campaigns. Through the use of advanced analytic tools, we predict who is most likely to respond to offers and which channel is best to communicate through. We customize databases for our clients using their own data. This allows them to communicate with customers in a more personal and relevant manner. Combined, these measures help our clients achieve an improved return on their investments.

Our forecasting services keep clients abreast of emerging trends so they can stay ahead of the competition. We offer software that performs identity authentication and Internet marketing intelligence that allows clients to track Web site traffic and evaluate the efficacy of data captures and online marketing.

Experian's marketing services have programs specifically designed to benefit catalog businesses, retailers, banks and credit card companies, automotive clients, data brokers, business-to-business enterprises and many others.

Not only has our highly accurate, quality data let nonprofit organizations maximize their fundraising efforts, it also has helped the world's leading brands increase profits and operate more efficiently.

Experian's marketing products and services help buisnesses with Customer Acquisition, Customer Management, Fraud Management, Risk Management and Debt Recovery.

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