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We enable organisations to gain insight to support their company strategy, acquire profitable customers and maximise the value of their existing clients.

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Experian offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to help its clients make more informed and profitable decisions. As a complete service provider we can help you choose, for example, where best to locate your business, how to segment your consumer base, which marketing channels to use to attract the most suitable customers, who to grant credit to and how to safely authenticate them.

We acquire and manage the most comprehensive consumer and business databases in the industry, and we have tailored our products to suit the needs of many different sectors such as banking, telecommunications, automotive, utilities and retail.

You can review a list of our products and services according to the industries they are used in, or via our three principal activities:

  • Decision Analytics - scoring, application processing, strategy optimisation, fraud, SME lending, Basel II compliance
  • Credit Services - consumer and business information
  • Marketing Services - consumer segmentation, data quality, internet intelligence and online marketing



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