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We continue to focus on our strategic objectives in Asia Pacific, which are:

Deepening customer relationships

We support our clients by using our expertise and breadth of capabilities to provide powerful solutions that meet their needs. And we are dedicated to broadening and deepening these relationships through innovation, integrity, accuracy and reliability.

Providing innovative products and services

Our leading edge products and services are designed to address our customers' needs and help them identify new opportunities. For example, Marketswitch Optimisation helps clients make value-maximising decisions, whether it is marketing or risk management - from prospecting to debt recovery.

Supporting our clients by specialising and expanding into new vertical market sectors

We develop and adapt our products and services to fit new market sectors. For example, our customer insight products, including Mosaic, are used by a wide variety of industries, such as banking, retail, telecommunications and public services, to develop a better understanding of the geodemographic nature of their customers.

Fundamental to meeting our strategic objectives are three key elements; Our people, data and technology.


Our people provide a combination of functional expertise and a deep understanding of the markets in which our clients operate. This insight means that we can offer best practice solutions tailored to our customers’ individual requirements.


We invest heavily in maintaining complete, accurate and up-to-date information, while adding new data sources wherever possible, to offer our customers more value-added products and services.


We offer the capability and scalability to meet the ongoing needs of our clients and support their future requirements with a 24/7 service, 365 days a year.

We bring together the best people, data and technology to help to achieve the best results for our customers.


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