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At the core of Experian’s business is a vast store of information – about consumers and how they behave, about businesses and how they perform, and about banking/ insurance policies and other valuable assets.

We harness this data to create insight for our clients, enabling them to make better decisions. We do this through our three principal activities - credit services, decision analytics and marketing services.

In credit services, we use the information we hold on the application and repayment histories of consumers and businesses to produce reports for our clients - many of whom are in the retail or financial sectors. These reports in turn help them to take more informed lending decisions with their customers.

With decision analytics, we take that same information and use it to create analytical and decision-support products. In particular, we offer key services such as strategy management and optimisation, debt management and anti-fraud solutions.

Our marketing services use geographic, demographic and lifestyle data to create a host of products and services, which are used to help clients acquire new customers and maximise their relationships with existing ones. This includes consumer profiling and segmentation with Mosaic; retail shopper analysis from FootFall data quality checking from QAS Internet intelligence from Hitwise and email marketing from CheetahMail.

Taken together, we can help you right across the customer life cycle, such as developing effective customer acquisition strategies, improving your decision-making, processing new applications, preventing fraud, improving the customer experience and meeting the needs of the Basel II / regulatory agenda.

*In other regions of Experian we also offer an Interactive function, which provides credit information directly to consumers, and lead generation which connects consumers with businesses via the Internet.

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