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Decision Analytics

Experian Decision Analytics is a specialist provider of credit risk and fraud management solutions. We work with clients worldwide, offering them our best practice consulting, scoring and software capabilities to help them achieve their optimum business performance. With our solutions, clients are able to formulate real-time, optimised decisions based on strong analytics, and deploy them rapidly in the dynamic environment, maximising the value of every customer interaction.

Credit Services

Experian Credit Services acquires, processes and manages comprehensive databases containing the credit applications and repayment histories of consumers and businesses. Using proprietary search and match systems and application software, we deliver a wide variety of credit reports and reporting services on consumers and businesses to our clients. This helps them to lend profitably to their customers, and to maximise revenue and minimise risk.

Marketing Services

Experian Marketing Services helps clients to acquire new customers and to manage their relationships with existing customers across multiple channels. We acquire, process and manage large and comprehensive databases containing geographic, demographic, lifestyle and attitudinal information on consumers.

Experian Mosaic

Experian Mosaic provides an understanding of consumers, markets and economies around the world, past, present and future. Our focus is consumer profiling and market segmentation, retail property analysis, economic forecasting and public policy research, supporting businesses, policy makers and investors in making tactical and strategic decisions.

Experian FootFall

Experian Footfall helps clients to understand their market opportunities by measuring shopper traffic and providing related metrics. We use the most advanced, discreet and cost-effective monitoring system on the market to count over six billion people every year, in over 750 shopping centres, retail parks and travel interchanges worldwide.


Hitwise is a leading internet marketing intelligence company. We help clients monitor the performance of their websites and target their online advertising spend more effectively.

Experian CheetahMail

Experian CheetahMail helps clients to manage, analyse and automate web and email marketing campaigns so that they can build data-driven and relevant customer relationships.  CheetahMail offers a broad range of services, including consulting, creative design, programme management, strategic analytics and technical consulting. Globally CheetahMail sends upwards of 20 billion emails per year, across 60 countries in 30 languages.

Experian QAS

Experian QAS is a leading supplier of address management solutions, with offices across Asia Pacific, Europe and North America, and more than 10,000 clients in all market sectors. QAS’ software helps clients capture accurate address data and conserve its integrity over time, thereby enhancing the customer experience. In addition, our IDentifier range of software is designed to help clients verify, find and track people, thus minimising the risk of ID fraud.


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